Top free business tools and resources for 2021

(BPT) – As the effects of COVID-19 continue into 2021, businesses and organizations continue making major adjustments to keep their wheels turning. To help workplaces weather the ups and downs of the new pandemic environment, the tech industry has rallied behind businesses with a multitude of free products to keep operations moving forward.

The SafetyCulture Group has been no different. From collaborative tools that free up employees’ time to creative design templates that let your pandemic protocols shine, the company is offering access to free resources for maintaining a thriving business.

Tap into these free business tools that will help keep your organization in sync, informed and focused on the work they do best.

Put the focus on safety with professionally designed templates

The pandemic has shown that visual communication is a powerful tool for encouraging safe behaviors and boosting consumer confidence.

A publicly displayed list of daily safety procedures can help increase trust and confidence in a business, but to work well, the information shared needs to be both accurate and engaging.

SafetyCulture partnered with Canva to develop free, professionally designed safe environment templates to help businesses communicate effectively. The free library consists of posters and social media templates that aid businesses in communicating their messages clearly with employees and customers.

Roll out remote, mobile training for teams

Learning used to be associated with four walls and a whiteboard. Since the pandemic, EdApp’s mobile-focused approach to training exploded in popularity, with the increase in remote and flexible work driving the change in the way teams are trained today.

To support organizations going through this challenging time, EdApp lifted restrictions on its free plan so businesses of any size can train their teams for free. Develop your own lessons from scratch, or take a page from EdApp’s book — their book being a library of over 500 free courses.

Looking to learn how best to separate your space while working from home? Or perhaps you’d like to upskill in the cybersecurity space? Either way, you’re bound to find a course to help expand your knowledge base.

Support employee well-being with a care package of complimentary courses

In partnership with industry experts like Marley Spoon, Improvement Sciences and MCI Solutions, EdApp has launched a collection of courses to help bolster your teams’ well-being in the face of COVID-19 restrictions.

Courses explore vital topics on coping with pandemic stressors, such as:

  • Ideas for creating a lockdown routine
  • How to influence your mood with food
  • Ways to build resilience

These courses can be deployed to your employees instantly, for free. For a little taster, explore this Food and Mood course created by Marley Spoon to learn how what you eat positively impacts your state of mind. You can unbox the whole free lockdown care package here.

Stay in check with free checklist templates

Continued vigilance when it comes to pandemic protocols is essential, but one of the biggest challenges for businesses today is the steep rise in complacency. Fight process fatigue by making ways of working frictionless — starting with free, easy-to-use checklists.

Explore SafetyCulture’s free COVID-19 Resource Hub, featuring over 100,000 up-to-date checklists digitized from government agencies and leading industry bodies worldwide. Currently, more than 75,000 COVID-19 related checks are being conducted daily on SafetyCulture’s iAuditor app.

For the best way to keep your business in check, start browsing free COVID-19 checklists.

Unlock new efficiencies on the frontline with free iAuditor Premium access

As the pandemic continues to impact people and businesses globally, safety has never been more essential. To help organizations continue to protect their communities, SafetyCulture continues to offer free access to iAuditor Premium for workers in healthcare, aged care, emergency services, education and volunteer services. Organizations such as the British charity St John Ambulance tapped into iAuditor to help ensure the health and safety of all its teams.

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