Alex Padilla made history on Tuesday, Nov. 8 becoming the first Latino Senator to represent California. To celebrate this historic win, Sen. Padilla invited family, friends, and supporters to his victory party at the Marriott at LA Live, who came not only from the LA area but from across the country and Puerto Vallarta. Padilla graduated from San Fernando High School and was sure to also have fellow Tigers in attendance proudly recognizing his roots and attachments to many communities.  

“Honestly, thank you to the family that’s here, I have some uncles in the back over there representing Puerto Vallarta, we have friends in the neighborhood including a pack of Tigers at the bar as soon as I walked in. Folks who came in from Sacramento, Washington DC, San Diego and so many other places — Tony Cardenas who talked me into working with him on the first campaign. I think it’s worked out for both of us. Another fellow Tiger, our assembly member Luz Rivas, is here,” shared Padilla.

He stood with his wife and sons at his side when he addressed the crowd speaking of his win and political journey. He became overwhelmed with emotion when he introduced his father and remembered his mother who has passed away. He warmly thanked those in attendance for their past and continued support of his political career. 

“When I was a kid, I never even dreamt this was an option…I want future generations of kids to say, if he can do it, I can do it.” – Alex Padilla

“I know this room is just filled with so much love and commitment, I never would have imagined being here growing up in Pacoima, California. Trying to stay out of trouble, usually, not always, but now to have the opportunity to represent not only the neighborhood but the whole state of California and the United States. Thank you to my parents Santos and Lupe Padilla for their hard work and sacrifice.”

As Padilla closed his remarks he left everyone with a frank, yet inspiring message.

“I’ve been asked a billion times if this is your dream come true. And the sad truth is — the honest answer is no. Because when I was a kid, I never even dreamt this was an option. That this was possible. And that is what I hope by the work that I do, not just what I do, but how I do it that my kids, your kids, all the kids of California, all the kids of future generations, can say, if he can do it, I can do it too,” he said.  

“There’s a lot of work to do. Working together, we’re going to continue to make our communities, this state and this country, even greater than it is.”