A Service for Vinny

A memorial service was held for three year old Vincent “Vinny” Quintana at the Living Hope Church Saturday, Aug. 9. The child died tragically after climbing into the family’s hot car. The  large  church was filled with hundreds of family members and friends.

A family member explained the difficulty with coming to terms with his passing.

“The loss of a child is the hardest to bear.  When an older person dies we grieve but we can accept that life has come to a natural end. But when a child dies, we mourn not only the life that was, but the life that might have been.”

She said one wonders what he would have been as a young boy and as a teenager and a man.

“It is right and natural for us not to understand.  We expect to see him still running around and hearing his silly little words and his special laughter…we can close our eyes we can still hear him.”

He was described as the apple of everyone’s eye.  “Even strangers who met him for the first time would say ‘wow, that kid is something special.”

During the service family members spoke of the difference that the child made in the lives and the joy he brought to all that met him.

 He was described as a child who was “beyond his years” who liked to laugh and was a reminder that life was to be enjoyed.  

“If he saw someone angry, he would ask, why are you mad? and soon we’d realize that we didn’t need to be,” a family member described.

He was also noted for his intelligence and would remember all the items on the grocery list and would recite them during the shopping trip but he would always add an item to the end of the list.  The last item he would list was “Toy” which gave the family a chuckle.

“We should all add a toy,”  one of the speakers said.    One of the child’s many gifts was to lift others from their problems, another speaker said.  “We all need reminding that life is to be enjoyed.”                    

While losing his son was emotionally overwhelming,  Raul Quintana, said that he was very grateful for the support that people have expressed.  “We have had people who we didn’t even know who have left letters of support and understanding to us,” he said. “I want to thank everyone who has expressed their support.”

After the service, the family released a large group of balloons in the air.  Tied to the balloons was a box shaped like a house that contained messages of love for the much loved child.