It’s a perfect match. George Yepes will unveil his latest work at Corazon de Los Angeles, historic Olvera Street’s newest gallery on Saturday, June 27.

Uniquely, this fine and folk art gallery and cultural marketplace, exhibits the work of well known veteran artists alongside emerging artists who reflect the beauty and depth of Latino history, life and culture.

In that spirit, for this show, Yepes will be part of a group exhibit with talented onetime students who completed his art academy, and are now accomplished artists in their own right, including Juan Solis, Maria Kane, Gene Ortega, Saul Aguilera, Ricardo Estrada and Ulie Garcia.

Yepes is using every minute of his time to paint new work leading up to this show while coordinating the work of his former students. In his group of paintings, he is also planning a surprise unveil that may include a new “celebrity” portrait.

“We are very pleased that an artist as acclaimed as George Yepes will be showing his very latest work at Corazon de Los Angeles,” said co-owner Gloria Alvarez, a San Fernando Valley resident. “The philosophy of our gallery, to showcase a blend of artists, is in complete agreement with his work to teach and inspire new artists.”

This attractive venue, now celebrating its third

anniversary, is providing a supportive space for artists to make their artwork available for purchase.

 Corazon de Los Angeles has received high praise for being a welcoming place where people can be introduced to a range of authentic Latino art, whether they are longtime collectors or making their first art acquisition for a home or as “wearable art.”

“All of the artwork in our gallery and shop tells a story, we provide an environment that is casual enough to allow our customers to imagine what the work will look like in their home. We offer a variety of items for art lovers on every economic scale,” Alvarez said.

  “We can help our customers locate a fine art painting by a famous Master artist if we don’t currently have it in our gallery, or help them select a Mexican tapestry, pottery created in Arizona, jewelry imported from Peru, Mexico or by a local artisan. It’s all carefully selected and we pride ourselves in offering a kaleidoscope; a window into our wondrous diverse culture,” she said.

The latest work of George Yepes is expected to be yet another milestone exhibit for the evolution of Chicano art with a new generation of artists who have been well schooled on technique and like Yepes, can say much with a paint brush.

“What I like about exhibiting at Corazon de Los Angeles is that the gallery, true to its name, is located in the heart of Los Angeles. Olvera Street, the oldest street in Los Angeles, the birthplace of the city of Angels, and the center of a giant in the art world where East L.A. begins,” said Yepes.

“It’s Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano history is deep. It attracts people from all over the city, and tourists from all over the world. So I liked the idea of bringing my art to new audiences, and to exposing people to Chicano art. Los Angeles is Chicano first for the rest of the country.”

Yepes, originally from East Los Angeles, has exhibited his work throughout the United States and internationally, but he is passionate about this venue which “brings him home.”

 “The word is out that all of the Chicano painters in Los Angeles should be exhibiting at Corazon de Los Angeles Gallery at Olvera Street. It’s the nucleus of a shared atom, the heart of Los Angeles a world art center, like New York, London, and Paris,” Yepes said.

In a career now spanning forty years, Yepes’ work has taken him from East L.A. to Princeton, NASA, and Dubai, to Hollywood’s silver screen.

 His paintings are in forty museum collections. He has always been an ambassador for Chicano art, from his early days as one of the original East Los Streetscapers to being sought after for the powerful images seen in feature films.

 His paintings are in the personal art collections of Hollywood’s most cutting edge singers, actors and filmmakers including Sean Penn, Madonna, Patricia Arquette, Nicolas Cage, Cheech Marin, Anthony Keidis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Quentin Tarantino, and Robert Rodriguez.

“The first time I stood in front of a Chicano painting — it was George Yepes’ Amor Matizado — I had the same feeling as when I first heard a tune by the Beatles.” Marin said.

 Salma Hayek, Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas, Eva Longoria, Carla Gugino, Marley Shelton and Patricia Arquette have modeled for several Yepes paintings. Since the year 2000, Yepes has collaborated with Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino on numerous projects including “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”; the double feature “Grind House”; “Machete; and the Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller movie, “Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For.”

 “George Yepes is the rarest of talents,” said director Robert Rodriguez. “I own several of his paintings, and whenever someone walks in and sees them for the first time, I have to stand close so I can catch their jaws before they slam into the ground. George’s work grabs you by the lapels and makes you feel as if you’re discovering art for the first time. He’s a master painter in the best sense, the art comes through him not from him. That is rare.”

 Central to all of Yepes’ work continues to be what he calls, “the prevailing winds of the Chicano movement that sweeps inland from the coast of California, through the American Southwest, across Chicago, and New York.”

“All are welcome to experience that ‘wind’ with Yepes and his former students at our exhibit at Corazon de Los Angeles,” said Alvarez.

The showing is from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The gallery is located and 19 Olvera St., Los Angeles, (213) 617-0227.

For more information on George yeses upcoming exhibit, go to: For the Academia de Arte Yepes and mural projects, contact George Yepes at, or Academia de Arte Yepes at