Danny Trejo and Vivian Hartman

Actor Danny Trejo will be signing autographs at Buffalo Bruce’s Mercantile in Sylmar this Sunday, July 19, to help in the effort to get the small business back on it’s feet.

The small restaurant and store was vandalized last weekend. “It hurt my heart,” said owner Vivian Hartman, who said as she drove by last weekend while taking care of her errands she noticed some graffiti, but running late, she continued driving.

It wasn’t until after she doubled back that she noticed how bad the graffiti was. A penis was spray painted on her door, and homophobic and derogatory female slurs were written on the outside of the building and on outside furniture.

“As I was cleaning up, I tried to brush it off and stay positive but it really hurt me,” she said. “I started crying. It felt very personal. It was shocking.”

Friends and long time customers have organized a paint party for this Sunday Long time customers, hearing the news, have been dropping in the store offering donations.

“This lady does so many good things for the community,” said Trejo, who is helping to spread the word.

Standing outside of her restaurant with Hartman, Trejo recorded a video message on his Facebook page. Trejo said:

“I’m here at Buffalo Bruce’s, on the corner of Foothill and Hubbard. The lady gives nothing but love to the community. She gives back every day — feeds the homeless. And her place was vandalized.  Whoever did it, you’re a punk.

“Whoever did it, you’re a punk. But we don’t care about you. What we care about is this Sunday. (July 19) we’re gonna have a paint party here. Anybody who wants to attend, it’s on the corner of Foothill and Hubbard. And it’s Buffalo Bruce’s. I’ll be here. I’ll be signing autographs and taking pictures.

“Anybody who wants to show up, show up. She’s a good lady.”

Trejo, from the local community, is known to lend his name and support for local causes.

In honor of her young daughter who lost her fight to cancer, Hartman started the non-profit organization Sophia’s Angels to help families navigate medical care for children with cancer. Graffiti even marred a mural with the name of the nonprofit.

“”It is so beautiful that the community is responding to help us. People are coming in and sharing stories about our store. Young people helped to paint out the bad words and have been getting the walls ready for painting. I hope that this incident helps to bring all of us together in hugs and love.” Hartman said.

Buffalo Bruce’s Mercantile is located at 13661 Hubbard St. in Sylmar Trejo will begin signing autographs at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday.