Montgomery County DA

Bill Cosby

LOS ANGELES (CNS) — The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office declined to file criminal charges against comedian Bill Cosby over allegations that he sexually assaulted two women, including one at the Playboy Mansion in 2008.

It marked the second time the District Attorney’s Office has declined to file charges against Cosby.

In December 2014, prosecutors cited the statute of limitations in declining to pursuing a case against the entertainer over allegations that he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl at the Playboy Mansion in 1974.

In their latest decision, prosecutors on Wednesday, Jan. 6, also noted that any charges involving allegations that Cosby forced a then-17-year-old girl to have sexual intercourse at a home in the Hollywood Hills in 1965 were “barred by the statute of limitations.”

Prosecutors also cited the statute of limitations and “insufficient evidence” in declining to file charges in connection with the 2008 allegations.

The woman told investigators that she was certain the party she attended at the Playboy Mansion occurred in the summer of 2008, but Cosby’s name only showed up on a guest list for one event in February, according to a charge evaluation worksheet from the District Attorney’s Office.

The alleged 2008 incident as described by the woman — described only in the document as “Jane Doe #2” — included two potential misdemeanor charges that are barred by the statute of limitations, according to the charge evaluation worksheet prepared by Deputy District Attorney Jodi M. Link.

Prosecutors also opted against filing any felony counts against Cosby involving the alleged 2008 incident.

“Sexual battery by restraint, a felony, was contemplated but there is insufficient evidence to prove the elements of this crime,” Link wrote.

“Sexual assaults by intoxication or of an unconscious victim and the attempts to commit such crimes, as well as assault with intent to commit a sex offense were also considered. However, there is no evidence to support the filing of these crimes. Consequently, after evaluating all potential charges, there is insufficient evidence to prove these crimes beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Chloe Goins filed a lawsuit against Cosby in federal court last October, alleging that he sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008 when she was 18.

Cosby has been accused by dozens of women who claim the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted them. He was charged last week with sexual assault in Pennsylvania — the first criminal case filed against the comedian.