It was only two years ago, in 2014, that the local city council voted on an initiative to implement a “Healthy San Fernando” campaign. 

With the knowledge that obesity is literally a growing problem, not only in the City of San Fernando but across the country, city officials supported the action to do more than talk about the problem, but also take action. 

  The City took a pledge to encourage healthy eating and active living, with the ultimate goal of becoming the healthiest city in the San Fernando Valley. 

What started as a small group of residents working out has grown, and people of all ages have started to exercise and put on their running shoes to join the City’s 5K Relay.   

Free and low-cost programs are offered at San Fernando Recreation Park facilitated by the Recreation and Community Services Department to encourage residents to increase their physical activity. The City started a very successful program named the “100 Citizens Outdoor Adult & Senior Fitness Program.”  Outdoor spinning classes were started, and discussions were held about healthy eating. 

Residents have become more engaged, and many residents including seniors have taken Yoga and Pilates classes — some for the very first time.

“The City is committed to providing year round fitness programming,” said Ismael Aguira, director of Recreation and Community Services.

The City of San Fernando has partnered with schools and area health providers. Students at CSUN, majoring in fitness and kinesiology, have helped to lead the exercises for the 100 Citizens program. At first people can be reluctant, especially if they haven’t moved their bodies in a while, but it’s not a competitive gym environment; it’s a casual, friendly community environment of friends and neighbors.

 “We want people to know that all fitness levels and ages are accommodated for in our programs,” Aguira said. “We want our community to be healthy and live life to it’s fullest.”

For more information, call (818) 898-1290.