Photo Credit / Eric Schwabel

The infamous trio —  Richard Montoya, Ric Salinas and Herbert Siguenza — known as Culture Clash, has given their fans comedic satire, theater and lots of desmadre for more than three decades, 

This Sunday, July 16 they’ll do it again on the newly renovated Ford Theater’s open air stage

This performance will include “their friends” who are like them, and much loved “originals” including the classic Chicano R&B band, Tierra. 

“We have both crisscrossed the country, but Tierra and Culture Clash have never played on the same stage. This will be the first time,” Salinas said.

The friends that will be joining Culture Clash know how to stir the pot and cause a few explosions themselves. Trio La Victoria, a band led by punk rocker pioneer Alice Bag known to many for her no holds barred sound she performed at the Whiskey A Go-Go. “We really needed someone like Alice to really have a desmadre,” noted Salinas.

Adding to the party, standup comic, veteran, Rudy Moreno, Sandra Valls  — one of Showtime’s Latin Divas of Comedy — and Emilio Rivera, known for his unique cadence in Sons of Anarchy, who jokes that he’s gone from being “a regular guy in the hood” to playing “a guy in the hood on screen.”

They’ll all add their own unique brand of humor to the big punch of Latinocentric funny power that is expected this Sunday.

And to keep time to the music, L.A.’s Pacifico Dance Company, will provide the steps by weaving in folklorico dance.

Salinas said there are no restrictions on this program, and they plan on sharing a sizzling show appropriate for a summer night where they can let their hair down with their friends on stage and an audience who wants them to speak their truth.

A previous performance at the Northridge Performing Arts Center right before the election of Donald Trump appeared untypically restrained, which disappointed some fans who were expecting the troupe to lay it all out. But the powers that be requested constraint based on the timing of the show.

Some fans were unhappy they didn’t zero in and hit harder. Since then, the comedians have found themselves with new considerations to address, whether their audience is now on overload now with the daily dose of Trump jokes and pendejadas.

“This is going to be a throwback from really early days of doing sketch comedy, standup comedy and putting on a show with friends who do stand up along with musical guests,” Salinas said. “For the last twenty years we’ve been writing our own plays and performing. But when we first started back in 1984, 33 years ago, we did mostly comedy satire, comedy with a message.

“Now with our current administration, comedians have material for days with our President. We’re going to be delving into that world too, but it’s going to be a fun night with music, dance and busting open a pinata that will bring us lots of laughter and treats.”

The Ford Theatre is located at 2580 E. Cahuenga Blvd., in Hollywood.  The show is at 7:30 p.m. For more information, call (323) 461-3673.