OneLegacy Accused of Employment Discrimination

LOS ANGELES (CNS) — An employment discrimination lawsuit was filed Wednesday, Sept. 6, against OneLegacy by a woman who says she was demoted for complaining about racial discrimination at the nation’s largest organ procurement organization.

Plaintiff Melissa LeGree’s Los Angeles Superior Court complaint alleges that OneLegacy not only routinely discriminates against and harasses its minority employees and retaliates against them when they complain, but also that the company deprives employees of overtime pay and engages in other unlawful wage and hour practices.

A representative for OneLegacy did not immediately return a call for comment.

In her lawsuit, LeGree, a black longtime employee with good performance evaluations, alleges that she was demoted because she complained about systematic race discrimination and harassment at the hands of OneLegacy’s white CEO, Cynthia Perley. The suit alleges the demotion was an attempt to force LeGree to quit.

The lawsuit further alleges that OneLegacy, in conspiracy with Donate Life California and the Department of Motor Vehicles, engages in fraud toward donors and their families. The company fails to disclose to tens of thousands ofCalifornians and other Americans who have signed up to donate that OneLegacy sells their tissue and corneas for a profit to foreigners rather than ensuring these donations are provided free to Americans, according to the complaint.

OneLegacy also sells organs for a profit for research purposes rather than donating the organs, the suit alleges.