Image Courtesy of SSJ

The San Fernando High School football team is trying to purchase rings to celebrate its 2017 City Section Division I championship. But the cost, while not prohibitive, is still high for some students and their families.

So they are seeking help from alumni and the community. A GoFundMe page has been established to help raise funds to try and lower the amount the players would have to provide themselves.

The page has the knowledge and support of both head coach Robert Garcia and Athletic Director Anthony Chavez. 

Individually, the rings sell for $230. There are 55 players (and five water girls) eligible to buy and own the jeweled keepsake. So far, six players have been able to pay for a ring, Garcia said.

The GoFundMe page lists a goal of $20,000. “Donations will be solely used for the benefit of our student athletes and future football program,” the page said. “The goal is…to provide each student athlete that participated in the season a Championship ring and honor them with a banquet in March 2018.”  

“I am hearing from the community and alumni. People are reaching out, we’re expecting some help,” Garcia said. “Some people first thought the page” — set up by a player’s parent — “might have been fake. But it’s not.

“It’s something a parent or someone else had to do. I could not set up a GOFundMe page for this.”

The coach said the fundraising effort would go through March.

“That’s the timeline I have set. If it happens, it happens,” Garcia said.

Chavez said he also wanted to assure area residents and team supporters that it was a legitimate site.

“We’re not trying to have people pay the entire bill. We’re just trying to help offset the total costs for the rings,” Chavez said, adding he and the school would be grateful for any donations given.

San Fernando won the championship game played on Dec. 2, defeating Dorsey High of Los Angeles at El Camino College in Torrance, 28-21.

If you would like to donate, visit the team GoFundMe page,