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MDS is a rare cancer that is not commonly discussed, and is often referred to as a disorder or condition.

In recognition of MDS World Awareness Day, here are three key things to know about MDS:

  1. What is MDS?

MDS is a rare form of bone marrow cancer.1 There are 14,000 cases of MDS reported every year in the U.S., ranging in prognosis from very low- to very high-risk.2 Approximately 43% of new cases are higher-risk, meaning patients are at an increased risk for poor outcomes.3

  1. Why is it important that MDS should be widely considered a cancer?

MDS can be difficult to identify because symptoms are often vague, and patients are typically 70 years or older.4 MDS can be classified as higher-risk disease, which is often fatal. HR-MDS can transform into another aggressive cancer, acute myeloid leukemia (AML), which also has extremely poor survival outcomes.1 Greater recognition of MDS as a cancer could lead to greater urgency to treat patients.

  1. Are there any treatment options available for HR-MDS?

Stem cell transplants are the only potential curative option, but the vast majority of people are too frail or sick to undergo transplant.5 A specific type of chemotherapy — hypomethylating agents (HMAs) — is approved to treat HR-MDS, but, alone, provides limited benefit.6 There have been no novel advances in treatment for HR-MDS in over 10 years.7-8


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