Cruz Campos Avila

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  1. Grandma Cruzi, Mi grandma CHULA as I called you. As you were. Chula por dentro y por fuera. Although you technically weren’t my grandmother I honestly in the 9 years of knowing you I became so attached to you and my love for you only grew more and more. You were amazing. Your sense of humor, your personality, your caring loving self. You had a HUGE heart and always made me smile and laugh. Your love for my babies, (your great grandchildren), and for me was felt and always showed. I missed you when you weren’t around and loved when you came around. I will miss you more than you will ever know. I will miss your wild hair do as you called it and your stories. I wish I could’ve hugged you and gave you a kiss one last time but I guess God just couldnt wait for his angel to join him up in heaven. I LOVE YOU MI GRANDMA CHULA! I will never forget you. I thank God for all the years of blessing me and my babies with a Grandma as awesome and unforgettable as you. Que Diosito la tenga en su santa gloria. May you Rest In Paradise. Love you. ❤😢🙏

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