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  1. Rudy, thank you for sharing your hardship with your illness. My dad had dementia and his cognition was taken from him in addition to his mobility. My mother dealt with everything you wrote about. It came to the point where who’s life needed more saving. Your family has definitely been your blessing. May they continue to have love, strength and compassion. Thank you for memorable moments at CSUN. I’m proud to share that my son is in his first semester at my Alma Mater. May you continue to have strength to write because so many of us want to read it.

  2. My thoughts are with you. El valle de San Joaquin is starting to be known as Parkinson’s alley. I really believe that it goes hand in hand with the use of pesticides, fumigated and insecticides.

    1. Trying to get a hold of you for info on san j valley. I presume this is Gloria Hermandex my phone is 818 831 0453 right now a bit tired lupe my wife will answer aware of growth of disease in valley

  3. Prof Acuña
    I want to thank for continuing your role in teaching us, today about Parkinson’s Disease. I have the honor and privilege to teach Chicano Studies at San Diego Community College, thanks to scholars just like you. You’ve always taught us about the struggles our Chicano/Chicana Communities have historically undertaken, your latest topic in environmental health, marginalization in healthcare, and family and masculinity in Latino gerontological care. All future dissertations. Please keep writing and describing what for many of us feel as echoes when taking care of our own parents, and for others uncharted topics in this new age of heath care.

  4. Sending you prayers for you and your familia –

    Thank you Rudy for your courage, always grateful for your words and for your heart.

  5. Professor Acuna, so sorry to hear about your current physical situation, but I am so glad that your family is staying close to you and helping you to cope with this illness.
    That your family is standing by you sir.
    I was at Northridge in 1971’ and took your classes and they made all the difference in the world for me to grow as a student and individual.
    I will keep you an your family in my thoughts and prayers.
    God bless you all and may The good Lord bless and bring you all healings.
    In Jesus name. Amen

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  7. Dr. Rodolfo Acuña:
    The passion you brought to this world for the marginalized and disenfranchised people will continue in the thousands of students you impacted. You continue to inspire and educate in every season of your life. Although the storm is strong and path difficult to endure, known with confidence that you, Sir, made a difference and continue to make this world a better place because of who you are! Saludos y Bendiciones a Lupe y Angela! Love you Rudy! Professor Acuña Presente!✊🏽

  8. Rudy, I am among the thousands of people who love you for inspiring us to be authentically present. I am so grateful you are one of my most important teachers. I hold you close to my heart. May you be well.

  9. Rudy, you will never cease to be an inspiration for so many, and particularly our youth! Best wishes to you, Lupe and Angela! You are loved.

  10. Rudy, one of my proudest moments is to have been taught by the you and to have called you my mentor. I am sorry to hear to hear about your struggles. Thank you for sharing your story. My prayers are with you and your family. Remember that your are loved by many!

  11. Gracias Rudy. Courageous, honest and enlightening writing. Your trademark. Thank you for your kindness and support over the years, and presently. Blessings to Lupe, Angela and you. Occupied America and your many writings, a major apparatus of Xican@ historical consciousness, and our moral compass. Write on, maistro.

  12. Carnal, there is nothing fair about life and living, wish you and yours strength and courage. Gracias por todo

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