Juan Rubalcava sits at one of his various arcade machines.

3 replies on “Pilot Thrilled That His New Pinball Arcade Business in San Fernando Has Taken Flight”

  1. Juan Rubalcava is an example of the opportunities available in Pacoima. Juan probably did some of his training at Whiteman Airport. L.A. County and L.A City are trying to close this very important airport. L.A. Fire helicopters and rescue are based at Whiteman. There are youth groups that help kids to learn to fly at a discount such as: Kitty Hawk Squadron, Aviation Explorers 747, and Civil Air Patrol. There are free Young Eagle airplane flights for youth every 4th Saturday. Some go onto become pilots! Visit Whiteman Airport Annual Open House celebrating 75+ Years June 25, 2022

  2. Love this story and kudos to Juan for being such an inspiration and giving back to his community. I dream to do that too one day! Can’t wait to visit and support his business 🙂

  3. Another reason the community should demand our local and state government fund pilot and aviation mechanic schools at Whiteman airport. There is a severe national shortage of both high paying career professionals.

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