Panel Discussion at SF Libarary Photo SFVS

One reply on “‘Power of the Words We Use’ Panel Discussion”

  1. Kudos to the San Fernando SUN for creating a forum for the discussion of “The Power of the Words We Use–Their Beauty and Harm.” April 8 was the second segment in the three-fold public gatherings designed to create a Safe-Space to listen and share our thoughts. The beauty of doing this is we learn what others are experiencing based on the words used to judge, define, stereotype, and “box them in” because of their ethnicity, culture, coloring, or the people group they identify with.

    The April 8 panel discussion was Excellent! Members of the panel offered their unique perspective and candidly answered questions from the audience. They provided an abundance of rich food for thought.

    The SUN has taken on a colossal endeavor, but one with unlimited potential for having a meaningful impact on Valley residents and beyond. If we are open to the idea that our Words create the conditions we experience in our world… there is hope. Why? Because we control our Words.

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